Our A.P.S. Team is comprised of a group of teacher-specialists who help each child explore and expand his/her creative talents in the areas of Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Problem Solving, and Technology. There are four kinds of A.P.S. activities that each child experiences.


Children participate in a basic course in each area to learn basic skills. They cycle through each of the disciplines with their homebase classmates three days per week (in grades kindergarten through two) or for five days a week for six week blocks (in grades three through five).


Each child also is given an opportunity for deeper exploration in one of the arts through an intensified focus course. This Focus course runs two days a week for eleven weeks in grades K - 2. In grades 3 - 5 the students attend their focus course every day for four weeks.


At the conclusion of each Focus course, parents are invited into the class for the opportunity to see what the students have been learning and creating.


In grades four, and five the students present full-scale productions of classic children's stories (e.g. The Jungle Book; Through the Looking Glass). These performances integrate all of the A.P.S. classes from scenery designed and executed by the art students, to music, dance, gymnastics, and acting. Each grade level showcase is presented in three performances and available on DVD.