Let's dance into a fabulous 2015-2016 school year! 

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Westover Elementary School

Posted by Robin Horowitz Friday, September 18, 2015 10:06:00 AM

National Standards for Dance Education 

1.  Identifying and demonstrating movement elements and skills in performing dance.

2.  Understanding choreographic principles, processes, and structures

3.  Understanding dance as a way to create and communicate meaning

4.  Applying and demonstrating critical and creative thinking skills in dance

5.  Demonstrating and understanding dance in various cultures and historical periods

6.  Making connections between dance and healthful living

7.  Making connections between dance and other disciplines



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Through dance education, students will come to know and understand how to control their bodies, and how to explore the infinite possibilities of movement in order to use their bodies as an instrument of expression and communication.  Students will learn how to improvise, create, and perform dances based on concepts learned in class as well as those inspired by their own feelings and ideas.



expression - space - analyze - move - sequence - respond - meaning - evaluate - choreograph - inspiration - culture - form

"Dance is the poetry of the feet."



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Format of Class 


Locomotor Movements

Creative Movement


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Leggings, sweat pants, shorts, or loose comfortable clothing (No stockings)

Hair tied back


 Class schedules were distributed in your chid's homebase at the beginning of the year

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