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Social Studies Curriculum

Westover's Social Studies Curriculum


Westover follows Stamford Public Schools Social Studies Curriculum  which states that: "All SPS students will participate in a rigorous, standards-based Social Studies program and will be prepared for college-level history coursework, to be competitive in the global work force and to be responsible citizens who are informed, thoughtful and active participants in their communities."



  • Students in Grades 3-5 will perform proficiently on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Continuum test in the area of Literacy.  

  • All students will gain skills to become active and engaged citizens in their local, national and global society.

Guiding Principles

  • Students are empowered and capable of comprehending, appreciating and participating in a diverse and complex global society.

  • Critical thinking skills are essential to the development of student independence and the creation of empowered, responsible citizens. 

  • Rich Social Studies instruction develops critical literacy through the processes and practices of thinking and reading like a historian.  This instruction is essential as students develop meaning across time, place, and cultures. 

  • Social Studies assessment is a process of ongoing, formative evaluation designed to provide targeted feedback toward mastery of the Social Studies standards.