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Student Life

Westover Elementary offers students in kindergarten through fifth grade a unique educational approach that builds the foundation for a lifetime of continuous learning. Rather than simply providing an atmosphere of education, Westover creates an environment for education based on the following principles:

  • Both the academic and psychological needs of a child must be nurtured if total and continuous learning is to take place. 
  • The best learning environment is one that encourages cooperation rather than individual competition. 
  • All children are gifted and are entitled to be treated accordingly.

What Makes Westover Unique? 

Focus on Arts and Problem Solving 
Mastery Learning approach to support all students reaching their highest potential 
Flexible Grouping which enables us to have smaller class sizes with better teacher-student ratio
Talents Unlimited:  The Talents Unlimited approach to education was developed by Dr. Calvin Taylor. He researched the thinking skills that people needed in order to be successful. 

This educational approach provides a unique way of delivering the existing curriculum. All students at Westover are given an opportunity to learn higher level thinking skills through the Talents Unlimited Program. Here, the emphasis is on the development of thinking abilities which are important to success in the working world and in school,  including:

  • Productive Thinking
  •  Communication
  • Decision Making        
  •  Planning and Forecasting